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Perhaps its because Im a London wedding photographer, but the shape, cut, and movement of a wedding dress is so so important that I thought I’d share some Dress Tips. Looking back at photographs after your wedding you will be critical on how you look – which relies heavily on the dress you wear. It has to suit YOU and your body and also LAST the day. Theres nothing worse than a creased silk dress – it looked lovely on the hanger and for five minutes on, and then as soon as you sit down, creases. Likewise with ill fitting strapless dresses or ones that hang too straight and dont give any silhouette. So here’s my top tips for getting the most picture perfect dress for YOU for your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Top Tips

  1. Take someone who has good dress sense and tell them in advance to be honest. If this is tricky for them, make it fun with paddles (Yes/No/Maybe). It will give you some perspective and an HONEST opinion. Much more so than your mum (who may cry at every dress or be too brutally honest) or your best friends who will love everything!
  2. If you are trying on a dress, walk around in it and SIT DOWN. Nothing worse than not being able to walk or sit properly or getting indigestion because your dress is too tight.
  3. Dont go for fashion. Instead something that is more YOU! I think that if you are a more creative type having a designer make your dress rather than a retailer will give you much more creative freedom.
  4. Think about the season. If you are having a summer wedding you are likely to be able to wear a summer dress. But come the evening have a think about what you are going to wear for dancing or if it is cold. Likewise in winter, spring and autumn – it can be really cold still so make sure your dress is either warm and has sleeves or you have something stunning to wear over it. Its such a shame if you are paying a huge amount of money for your dress and then not seeing it for most of the day and instead just the shawl or coat that was a last minute cheaper purchase.
  5. Carve out some time to have some photographs of you in your dress – either with your man or without. It will mean you get beautiful images that will last of you looking your best in likely the most expensive and bespoke dress you will ever have!

In terms of wedding dress designers in London here are my favourites: Kate Edmondson Bridal, Wilden London, Jane Bourvis

For shops my recommendations are Luella’s Bridal, The Mews Notting Hill, Davids Bridal

Here’s a little sneak peek of my beautiful Bride who got married in France a few weeks ago…The films have just come in and I love the emotion and happiness as she puts on her dress! All shot on film (Ilford 3500 with Contax 645, zeiss lens 85 f2). The bride also bought her dress here in London – Dress by Riki Dalal (Mona which was altered to be bespoke).

London Wedding Dress by Natasha HurleyLondon Wedding Dress by Natasha HurleyLondon Wedding Dress by Natasha Hurley


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