London Wedding Photographer

As a London Wedding Photographer I thought I’d share a few personal London details in advance of my website update and revamp that will be taking place over the next couple of months….

London Wedding Photographer

My grandfather was Chairman of ZSL London Zoo for a year and has written a book about the ‘Zoo’….Im not really a Zoo person but seeing how it touched him deeply and was such a passion as well as being captivated by stories of cigarette smoking monkeys and escaped chimps who hailed buses, he definitely brought the place alive.

In another life I used to work in Westminster for the government. I was privy to access into the Houses of Parliament and their underground passageway from Portcullis House to the House.

One hot summer I was part of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and loved every second of living in the city (although born here I grew up in Wales). One late night in Wimbledon Village I decided to move here after university and law school….And been here ever since. Loving every second.

If you are a Londoner or planning a London Wedding it would be great to connect. Just email me at with a little hello.

And here’s a few of my favourite London Wedding photographs….

Film wedding photographer London Natasha HurleyFilm wedding photographer London Natasha HurleyFilm wedding photographer London Natasha HurleyPembroke Lodge Wedding by Natasha HurleyFilm wedding photographer London Natasha Hurley
Film wedding photographer London Natasha Hurley

RSA Wedding

RSA Wedding ceremony at St Patricks Soho

RSA Wedding

Queens House Wedding by Natasha Hurley

ICA Wedding

ICA Wedding Photographer - Natasha Hurley Photography

Pembroke Lodge Wedding

Pembroke Lodge Wedding by Natasha Hurley

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