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Chelsea Registry Office Wedding Photography – Following on from my last post here’s my Top Tips as a photographer on creating the best photographs of your wedding ceremony at Chelsea Registry Office. If you want to read about my Top Tips for logistics at Chelsea Registry Office click hereChelsea Registry Office by Natasha Hurley Photography

Top Tips for great photographs at Chelsea Registry Office

  1. Walk slowly down the aisle. Its not long so if you think you may get just a few photographs of this moment, better not to rush and have the opportunity of having more photographs taken.
  2. Having Readings during the ceremony makes it slightly longer (to about 25 minutes) and also gives your photographer more time to photograph the moments of the two of you, naturally captured whilst listening to your Readings.
  3. Confetti – Chelsea Registry Office allow confetti and with its amazing frontage it cries out for a good amount of confetti throwing. So, absolutely have confetti.
  4. Following on from this, the best confetti in terms of photography is both rice (its easy to throw for guests and looks beautiful), and small confetti (which doesnt get clumped or hide your face as you are walking through a shower of huge rose petals). However also good to add confetti canons – which you can now buy easily and shoot confetti into the sky which add drama.
  5. Give yourself time. If you have transport for guests laid on, make sure the bus etc can park on the sideroad (rather than the front of Chelsea Registry Office). They are usually always early and once they arrive at the front you feel rushed to leave. This way on the side road, they are tucked away and you can get some group photographs on the front steps.Chelsea Registry Office by Natasha Hurley Photography

As a London wedding photographer Ive photographed a fair few Chelsea Registry Office wedding ceremonies. So I thought Id give you some of my top tips for getting married here and how to elevate the look and feel of your ceremony in the photographs. In Part One here are some more logistical tips that I hope will help – see below.

Chelsea Registry Office by Natasha Hurley Photography

Top Tips for your Chelsea Registry Office Wedding

  1. As someone who nearly got married here myself, I was the one calling up the Chelsea Registry Office and nervously asking whether they would allow us to marry there. They couldnt have been nicer and more welcoming. They have lots of weddings here though, so if you have a specific date and/or time during the day, call them early and pay the deposit (its not much) to secure the room.
  2. Now which room to choose at the Chelsea Registry Office? The Rossetti Room holds 12 guests (plus the two of you), The Brydon Room is the biggest (and where I have photographed most), and holds 40 guests. And the Harrington Room is the smallest and is just for you and your witnesses (up to ten guests).
  3. Logistics – there is no real parking, so guests will find it easiest to come by cab, walk down Kings Road or of course Routemaster bus. Id suggest the groomsmen arrive a bit earlier too so they can help direct guests as they arrive up the main steps and into the room on the right which allows people to mingle as well as not get a glimpse of the bride as you walk in. In terms of the bride’s arrival – this is on the side road next to the little entrance of Chelsea Registry Office.
  4. You will both have a little interview with the Registrar about 10 minutes before your ceremony. If getting married in the Brydon Room this will take place in the office behind. The groom to go first and then wait in the Brydon Room and the bride to follow and then stay in the office and wait there ready to walk down the aisle (as there is a second door in the office which opens at the back of the aisle).
  5. Give music to the Officiants as they will coordinate your music. Best to have a quick chat with them via email beforehand so they know the running order of music and also you know what format they like it on (CD, USB, Spotify etc). You can get more details about Chelsea Registry Office here
    Chelsea Registry Office by Natasha Hurley Photography
    Chelsea Registry Office by Natasha Hurley PhotographyChelsea Registry Office by Natasha Hurley Photography